Friday, July 19, 2013

Left Side of the Aisle #117 - Part 6

Update: Egypt

On another front, I said last week that people power does not always produce justice. Egypt continues to show that, as the military-controlled government continues to clamp down on dissent.

The public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of seven senior Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist figures over violence between Brotherhood supporters and opponents in the days before and after Mohamed Mursi was deposed as president.

The latest charges accuse them of "inciting violence, funding violent acts, and thuggery."

Now, the new cabinet in Egypt has been sworn in. It's comprised of what are called "relative liberals," but what that means in the context of Egypt is not immediately clear except that they are acceptable to the military. The Islamists who were elected last year shut out entirely.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood continues to protest. Like I said last week, watch this space.


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