Friday, September 20, 2013

126.1 - Good News: Westboro Baptist Church gets pwned again

Good News: Westboro Baptist Church gets pwned again

Starting, as I always like to, with good news, I actually have two bits of cool news demonstrating how the Westboro Baptist Church - which, by the way, is not affiliated with any Baptist Convention - now may be doing more for the cause of justice and equality than against it.

First, you may have heard about how country music star Vince Gill got in the faces of some of the church's flakes when they showed up to protest at a concert of his because he is divorced and remarried. I guess just calling gays "fags" doesn't have the pizzazz it used to.

Even better is the news from Planting Peace, the group that runs Equality House, the rainbow-colored house that sits across the street from the walled compound of the bigot-boasting so-called church.

The house is to be the site of Planting Peace's "first annual Equality House drag themed walk-a-thon!"
We are inviting you, your family, and your friends to all come out and parade around the Westboro Baptist Church with us whether in costume or not but either way raising money for the Equality House and looking fabulous during the whole event!!
The event will be called the "Drag Down Bigotry Walk-a-thon." And yes, I'm sure it will be fabulous.


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