Friday, October 04, 2013

128.1 - Good news #1: "kiss-in" in Italian parliament

Good news #1: "kiss-in" in Italian parliament

I will start this week, as I always like to do when I can, with a few examples of good news.

First, two bits from what seems to be the big area for good news these days, that of same-sex rights.

Italy is a nation that, like the US, is behind a good part of the rest of the world in this. In fact, in at least some ways, Italy is even behind the US. Nonetheless, even there, there are signs of changes.

A bit over a week and a half-ago, dozens of Italian lawmakers staged a massive “kiss-in” during a legislative session in support of a measure to extend a 1993 anti-discrimination law to include crimes motivated by homophobia or transphobia.

In response, MP Federica Daga tweeted a photo of the protest and said, “Equal rights and dignity without gender. Because a kiss and a hug are not scary.”

The bill actually passed the lower house of the Italian legislature. It's expected to fail in the Senate, but it wasn't that long ago that for it even to get this far would have been unthinkable.


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