Friday, October 11, 2013

129.3 - Update 2: Government shutdown

Update 2: Government shutdown

Next up, this is a sort of update to last week's Outrage of the Week, which was about the government shutdown.

This week House GOPper Dennis Ross of Florida said he'd support a spending deal that didn’t repeal or defund Obamacare, becoming the first Tea Bagger lawmaker to publicly back off the fight that has shut down the government.

He said he changed his mind because the shutdown hasn't affected the Affordable Care Act - which, by the way, anyone paying attention knew would be the case since it's independently funded and why oh why do we keep treating these people with respect as if they even understood what they were doing - anyway, that's why he changed his mind.

Here's the thing: He said "We’ve lost the battle” over the continuing resolution, so, quoting, “We need to move on and take whatever we can find in the debt limit.”

What did I say last week: The wingnuts and wackos genuinely do hate the idea that the government has a responsibility to "promote the general welfare" and so were willing to run off the cliff because they simply don't care who gets hurt and are quite willing to see tens of millions of others - including many of their own supporters - suffer in service to their troglodyte ideology.

Ross has simply served to prove the point: The argument over the Continuing Resolution is not about the Continuing Resolution any more than the coming fight over the debt limit will be about the debt limit. It's about attacking, undermining, if possible reversing, even better discrediting, moves toward, the very idea of, social justice and mutual responsibility. The bills are just means to an end and if one doesn't work, another will do just as well. Because they just don't care.


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