Thursday, November 07, 2013

133.1 - Good news: Illinois approves same-sex marriage

Good news: Illinois approves same-sex marriage

Let's start, as we always like to do when possible, with some good news.

Illinois is about to become the 15th state to recognize same-sex marriages as the state House of Representatives passed a measure on Tuesday. The state Senate had already passed such a bill in February. Governor Pat Quinn has said all along that he would sign it. Same-sex Illinois couples could begin marrying June 1.

Legislatively, next up is Hawai'i, which could see a vote later this month.

A lot has changed since backers of same-sex marriage first began pressing the legislature to go beyond civil unions. In just the last roughly one year, marriage equality has come to Maryland, Maine, and Washington through voter referendums, to Delaware, Rhode Island, and Minnesota through legislative action, and New Jersey through court action (the legislature passed a marriage equality bill, but Christ Christie vetoed it). And court action to set a statewide standard could bringt it to New Mexico by the end of the year.


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