Friday, November 22, 2013

135.6 - Footnote to the Updates: Confederate flag vs. rainbow flag

Footnote to the Updates: Confederate flag vs. rainbow flag

A quick footnote to both those updates as an indication of how far we have yet to go.

The rainbow flag is accepted as a symbol of the movement for LGBT rights. Well, a new poll by Public Policy Polling found that Americans are more offended by the rainbow flag than by the Confederate flag, even though the latter is connected to insurrection, racism, and slavery and those who say it's just a symbol of "regional pride" are either liars or so profoundly ignorant of history as to make their opinions not worth hearing.

The actual questions were about if high school students should be allowed to wear to school Confederate flags or, quoting the question, "gay pride" flags. Those were, just to make sure it's clear, two separate questions.

When asked if high school students should be allowed to wear Confederate flags to school, a plurality of 43%-37% said yes. When asked if high school students should be allowed to wear gay pride flags to school, the answer was a huge no, by 57%-28%.

When the question was posited as an either/or, the results of anything were worse: Only 9% said the rainbow flag was appropriate attire, compared to 38% being okay with the Confederate flag.

The one ameliorating factor is that those in the group who were asked these questions were overwhelmingly conservative: Fully 76% described themselves as "somewhat" or "very" conservative. So those polled were not representative of the US population as a whole.

But it still means they are out there, out there in significant numbers, people who would rather celebrate racism and bigotry than equality and human rights. We still have a long way to do.



Anonymous said...

Anti-homosexual = homophobe
Anti-Confederate = Confederophobe

"Liars", "ignorant", "opinion not worth hearing"?
There are none so deaf as those who will not listen.
Who is the bigot?
Look in the mirror.

LarryE said...

I love the courage of anonymous comments, don't you?

Anti-homosexual = homophobe
Anti-Confederate = rational human being

"opinion not worth hearing"
Yes. Anyone so ignorant of history as to be unaware of the Confederate flag's connection to racism, bigotry, and defense of slavery is not worth listening to. Period.

Who is the bigot?
Rule #10 [of right-wing verbal tactics]: Accuse the accuser. As appropriate, use "You're being intolerant!" or "You're the real racist!"

So, yeah, no surprises here.

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