Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jon Swift Memorial Roundup posted

The late and still-lamented Al Weisel, who posted under the nom de Web Jon Swift, started the tradition of a yearly roundup of "the best posts of the year from small blogs, chosen by the bloggers themselves."

After Al died, Batocchio at Vagabond Scholar took on the sizable task, and this year's roundup has now been posted. Do check it out; you will surely find hours of good reading as well as at least a couple of blogs you'll want to check again.

My own choice was this post, in which I said how in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing I was more frightened by the instant imposition of what amounted to martial law and even more than that by the meek submission to it, than I was by the actual bombing. "Why are we such a frightened people," I asked, without offering an answer.

It certainly wasn't my most popular (in terms of hit count) post, nor, I believe, my best-written. I chose it, I expect, because even months later it's one where I still recall the feeling I had when I did it.

But for the curious and the statistics-minded among you, here are my top 10 posts for 2013, as ranked by hit count and in decreasing order.

1. More on NSA spying (October 4)

2. Recent news on global warming (September 5)

3. The real story of "the first Thanksgiving" (November 27)

4. Hero Award: Ladar Levison (October 11)

5. Some random comments about Obamacare (November 22)

6. Outrage of the Week: death penalty proposed in Massachusetts (May 9)

7. Global warming: recent news (May 9)

8. The Boston Marathon bombings (April 18) (Note that this is a different post from the one I chose.)

9. Guns: They do not make you safer (February 7)

10. The little thing: 73% of the vote is "far left?" (December 13)

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