Friday, February 07, 2014

145.3 - Update: Thomas Perkins has friends

Update: Thomas Perkins has friends

We have an update on last week's Outrage of the Week, which was about Thomas "$8 billion man" Perkins and his petulant crybaby whine about how the lower sorts were all hatin' on him and how he felt like a Jew in Nazi Germany except that later he said he shouldn't have said that except that he meant the message which if it means anything it means he thinks he is like a Jew in Nazi Germany, he just realized he shouldn't say it out loud in just those words.

Well, it turns out he has a lot of company, including Michelle "Really? Somebody Still Listens to Me?" Malkin, who sneered that criticism of Perkins came from a "bullying epidemic" engaged in by "the grievance industry" and from "bottomless hatred" against the rich.

Fox Business contributor Charles Payne blustered that the rich have "justified rage" and the only thing wrong with Perkins' comparison to Nazi Germany was that it "may be a couple of years ahead of the curve."

And the Wall Street Journal, where Perkins' letter was published, screeched in an editorial that the very fact that Perkins was criticized was proof that he was right about the rich being an oppressed minority and then went on a paranoid rant about "the left" was "siccing journalists to trash" such as the Koch brothers "and federal agencies to shut them down."

If I'd only known we had such power.

But the point again, is this is how they think of you: If you criticize them, it's because you hate them. If you resent that they get rich on your labor then throw you aside when you're no longer profitable to them and then they turn around and call you "lazy" when you can't find work, it means they are the threatened victims. If you think they should pay more in taxes because they can afford it in order to support the society that made their riches possible, it means you're just a jealous loser. This is how they think of you. And don't you ever forget it.


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