Saturday, February 15, 2014

146.6 - Clown Award: Drug Free America Foundation

Clown Award: Drug Free America Foundation

Now it is time for one of our regular - and one of our favorite - features, the Clown Award, given for meritorious stupidity.

This week the winner of the big red nose is the Drug Free America Foundation, which brought down on itself the mockery of the entire Internet when it tweeted the question "What happens if marijuana is legalized?" and answered its own question with an incredibly goofy poster.

The DFAF cited neither studies nor data, but simply claimed that legalization would double or triple the total number of users and what's more would trigger the zombie apocalypse. Except maybe it's not an apocalypse because these are lazy zombies, which is kind of a contradiction of the concept of a zombie, but we've already seen that tightly-reasoned arguments are not DFAF's stong point, so I guess lazy zombies fits right in there.

When pressed by Tom Angell of the reform group Marijuana Majority and Jack Healy of the New York Times for supporting data, DFAF first cited an outfit called, which seems to be a collection of every anti-marijuana paper, comment, or remark in existence, and when that didn't overawe people, it resorted to, quoting its tweet, "Do the research yourself, we have and you know it's true." In other words, "We can't prove our case, you go and prove it for us."

Mason Tvert, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project, responded by saying that "If they truly believe in what they are saying about marijuana, it wouldn't surprise me if they also truly believe in real zombies."

And perhaps the apocalypse, at least for the DFAF, since a recent Gallup poll showed a clear majority - 58% - of Americans favoring legalization, including a majority of every age group from 18 to 64.

I've mentioned before that legalization is something I support and which I think is coming but which isn't high on my list of personal political priorities. But I suspect that legalization may come rather sooner than later, particularly if the opposition to it comes from outfits like the Drug Free America Foundation, who are on current evidence a bunch of clowns.


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