Saturday, February 22, 2014

147.3 - Good news: Westboro Baptist Church gets pwned - again

Good news: Westboro Baptist Church gets pwned - again

More good news: The Westboro Baptist Church has been owned - again.

You know about Michael Sam, the defensive lineman with the University of Missouri Tigers who is likely to become first openly gay player in the NFL.

Well, on February 15, he headed to Columbia, Missouri, to join his teammates in accepting the Cotton Bowl trophy for winning the 2014 Cotton Bowl.

Westboro Baptist Church said they were going to protest the event, calling Sam "a filthy pervert" and "a rebel against God."

Students at the university were not going to put up with that. They decided to create what they called "a wall of love" around the event.

Hundreds of supporters turned out, creating a human wall made up of students, faculty, and former Tigers football players which stretched a half-mile around the arena where the award ceremony was taking place, making the fourteen WBC wackos who showed up look appropriately lame and ridiculous.

And once again, the Westboro Baptist Church has done more to advance the cause of unity than their bigoted agenda. In fact, they do that so well that sometimes I have this fantasy that the members of the WBC, few as they are, are actually the world's greatest performance artists who actual goal is to foster a united front against the insane bigotry which they are actually mocking.

I know, no such luck. Still, it's a nice thought.


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