Saturday, April 26, 2014

156.6 - One final thought

One final thought

There's a footnote to the previous discussion: Probably the stupidest statement on the case which I came across was from the blog of the Rachel Maddow Show. It said:
"In other words, affirmative action in college admissions hasn’t been banned. Indeed, the role of considering race in admissions policies remains in place – except in states that choose to prohibit affirmative action policies."
Right. Exactly. Of course! Affirmative action still exists - except for where it doesn't. And I am the King of Denmark everywhere - except for the places I'm not.

It is an utterly vapid, banal observation.

But it goes beyond that and that is why it's important to mention: It is a sad truth that whenever something like this happens, whenever some slice is taken out of the opportunities available for those who lack them, whenever some new barrier is raised or some step up is cut down, you can be guaranteed that there will some white liberal explaining how everyone should just calm down, it really doesn't matter, it's really so minor as to be unimportant, it's no big deal.

Even they should realize that even little things, even if they are little things, add up. But the record of the past 30-plus years says that they never do. We are so screwed.

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