Saturday, May 03, 2014

157.6 - Third anniversary thank-yous

Third anniversary thank-yous

I have been helped so much over these past three years by several people without who this simply would not have happened or even if it did would not have gone on nearly so long as it has and hopefully will.

So I want to say thank you.

First to Donna, just for being Donna. She is my strength, my source, my reason to get up each day.

Next to Matt Willett, who since has gone on to bigger and better things than this local cable station, but who designed the initial graphics for the show, some of which we still use.

Then there is Will McKinney, camera operator and video editor extraordinaire of song and fable.

And finally there is Rich Goulart, the Executive Director of the station and the all-around go-to guy here who was willing to take a chance on me: When I first approached him about doing a weekly show of political commentary, one I flippantly described as "a left-wing Glenn Beck minus the chalkboard and the paranoia," he - I could tell - wasn't too sure that it wouldn't peter out after a few weeks. But he took the chance to let me do it my way and I hope in the time since he's been given enough cause to be happy with his decision.

There have been some changes in the show over the time it's been on.

For one thing, we developed two regular features: the Clown Award, given for meritorious stupidity, which was supposed to be an occasional feature but there has been more than enough stupidity to keep it going, and of course the Outrage of the Week.

We also have some occasional features, such as the Hero Award, one of which you saw earlier in the show; Everything You Need To Know, where you can learn a lot about something in no more than a sentence or two; The Little Thing, where some passing reference in a news story points to something significant which isn't getting enough notice; And Another Thing, for fun science stuff; Updates on old stories; and of course the happily frequent feature, Good News.

At first, the show consisted of just me standing in front of a gray background, rambling on about whatever I was rambling on about that week.

After a time, in order to keep the camera crew from going insane trying to follow me around as I wandered around the stage as I talked, we went to having me sit on a stool.

But I was just more comfortable standing, so we set up a podium and there I was, standing with my right hand leaning on a podium, still in front of that same gray background. This made me happy because I was standing and made the camera crew happy because I was standing in one place.

Then it got fun because we were able to start using what's technically called chroma key but is more commonly known as green screen, where we can replace the background with whatever image we want to put up. So we had me, my podium, and graphics. What more could I ask.

Then last fall I blew out my knee. I was on crutches and couldn't stand up to do the show. So we started used the desk-style look and after a few weeks, I decided I like it. So that's the look we have for now - but don't be shocked if you see me standing up again at some point.

Let me finish up by thanking those of you who watch the show and those of you who have commented on it. Thank you for taking the time and I look forward to more comments and, I hope, to make a show worth watching. Let me know how I do.

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