Saturday, July 19, 2014

167.4 - Footnote: confidence in SCOTUS at all-time low

Footnote: confidence in SCOTUS at all-time low

As a brief footnote to that, I suspect that rulings such as these - not the Hobby Lobby one in particular, because it came down after the poll was conducted, by the trend of cases of late - rulings such as these are part of the reason that public confidence in the Supreme Court has dropped seven percentage points in the past two years and is now at a record low: Just 30% of the public has a "great deal" or a "quite a lot" of confidence in the Court.

Confidence in all three branches of the federal government have dropped, but confidence in the Supreme Court had remained relatively steady - ranging between 42% and 50% approval - since 1991, until, interestingly, right after Sam Alito joined the Court in 2006, replacing the relatively moderate Sandra Day O'Conner, after which the Court took its dramatic right turn and its approval rating hasn't reached the 40% level since.

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