Saturday, July 26, 2014

168.1 - Good News: Chicago moves on minimum wage

Good News: Chicago moves on minimum wage

As always whenever I can, starting off with good news to get us started the right way.

First, even as the federal government continues to sputter and stall on the minimum wage, states and localities continue to take it on.

The latest is Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he is backing a plan to boost the city’s minimum wage to $13 over the next four years, after which it would be tied to inflation.

The proposal was put together by a group of aldermen and labor and business leaders which he appointed to come up with a proposal.

Unfortunately, the City Council is unlikely to take up the plan in the near future, but it will do so as some point and it's still progress in the right direction.

The state minimum wage in Illinois is now $8.25.

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