Friday, August 22, 2014

170.3 - Hero Award: commuters in Perth, Australia

Hero Award: commuters in Perth, Australia


Next up, we have one of our occasional features, the Hero Award, given as the occasion arises to people who just do the right thing on a matter big or small.

This time, the Award goes to a whole bunch of people: commuters in Perth, Australia.

One of my lasting memories of the first time I went to the UK was riding the underground and hearing the announcement at every stop to "mind the gap," the space between the car and the platform.

Well, last week, a man in Perth, Australia got reminded of the importance of that warming. He was boarding a subway train near the end of rush hour and as he stood by the door, his foot slipped and his leg got trapped between the car and the platform.

A passenger getting on behind him immediately called out to station personnel, who alerted the driver so the train wouldn't move and possibly take his leg off.

So what happened next? Scores of passengers, together with staff at the station, got together and managed to tilt the car enough for the man to free his leg.

It was pure people-power.

The other thing that got me was that when they got him out, there were a couple of people who applauded and several grins, but nobody was puffing their chest or high-fiving everyone in sight - it was like "this guy is stuck, let's get him out, okay, we got him out, cool, let's get on with our day." They didn't make some huge thing out of it.

Which is a second reason why you morning commuters at Stirling Underground station in Perth, Australia, you are heroes.

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