Saturday, August 30, 2014

172.11 - Footnote: WBC are wimps

Footnote: WBC are wimps

By the way, just as a very quick Footnote, I had another potential clown this week but I passed it up because it was just way too easy:

The hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church apparently wanted to issue the ice bucket challenge to Equality House, the rainbow-painted house run by Planting Peace that stands across the street for their compound.

You know, the deal where you nominate someone to get doused with a bucket of ice water and they either accept the challenge and then challenge another or donate $100 to the ALS Foundation.

So the Westboro Baptist Church - which is not part of any Baptist Convention and is not a church - wanted to challenge Equality House. And how did they do it? By dumping the ice water on a sign on their lawn.

Not only are they bigots and clowns - they are wimps, as well.

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