Saturday, August 30, 2014

172.3 - Update 1: special prosecutor in John Crawford case

Update 1: special prosecutor in John Crawford case

I have three very brief - and this time I mean it - Updates to things I've mentioned recently.

The first refers to the case of John Crawford. Two weeks ago I mentioned how he had been shot by police in the aisle of the toy section of a Walmart in Ohio. Police demand that he "drop the weapon" - an unloaded BB gun - and when he didn't obey instantaneously but instead said "It's not real," they shot him to death. Crawford, I'm tempted to say "of course," was African-American.

The update is that the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has appointed a special prosecutor to look into the case. The family wants the DOJ to step in as it did in the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, but DeWine suggested that the DOJ will probably wait until after the state makes its determination and then decide if federal action is necessary.

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