Saturday, September 06, 2014

173.4 - Update: war hawks still at it

Update: war hawks still at it

Our other, linked, Update is this one:

Last week, I gave the Clown Award to the war hawks, particularly those in Congress, for loudly and repeatedly insisting that Obama "do something" about ISIS while refusing to offer any suggestions or proposals as to what that something might be. That is, they want to be on record as being tough, but not in any way that involves them taking any actual responsibility.

Well, guess what, this week they were still at it.

Rep. Mike Rogers, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, said Obama's foreign policy “in absolute free-fall.” Meanwhile, Rogers' equivalent in the Senate, Diane Feinstein, said Obama is “too cautious” in combating ISIS. Both offered dire predictions of attacks on the United States or Europe if ISIS is not crushed, with Rogers raising the specter of hundreds of ISIS-trained Americans coming home to wreak havoc.

John McCain kept up his barrage of Sunday morning news show appearances, demanding fast action to not just contain but outright defeat ISIS, echoed by Rep. Peter King, who said “The longer we wait, the more dangerous” it becomes.

Not one of these brave people with their strong voices offered any hint of what it was that should actually be done. It was a massive chorus of "do something, just don't ask me what or expect me to take any responsibility for it."

So I guess the bottom line is that I shouldn't be surprised that Obama figures he can do whatever he wants with the military, since that's pretty much what major members of Congress are telling him. They're even insisting on it.

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