Friday, October 03, 2014

177.1 - Good News: another small step toward justice

Good News: another small step toward justice

We have a couple of bits of Good News to start the week, starting with another piece of evidence that marriage equality will indeed come:

For years, the deliciously demented Michele Bachmann has been held aloft as a leader in the bigots' efforts to prevent the establishment of marriage justice.

But asked directly about it last week, she dismissed it as "not an issue" in the elections and, in fact, as "boring."

She tried hard to walk that back the next day, insisting that she hadn't changed here mind one tiny little bit on the issue, but of course that wasn't the point: It wasn't whether or not she had shifted position on same-sex marriage that mattered but whether she thinks it's an issue the right-wingers should continue to campaign on or if it it's one that they should keep away from. 'Cause, y'know, it's "boring" and stuff.

Apparently, she is among those who Bryan Fischer, the wacko head of the wacko American Family Association, describes as having "sort of given up." As they give up, we can carry it on.

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