Friday, October 03, 2014

177.4 - Update: USAF reverses itself on "So help me God" pledge

Update: USAF reverses itself on "So help me God" pledge

Our last bit of Good News, again in the form of an Update, is short and sweet.

Three weeks ago, the Outrage of the Week involved the refusal of the US Air Force to accept the re-enlistment of an airman because he is an atheist who didn't want to say the phrase "so help me God" in the enlistment oath. Previously, repeating the phrase had been voluntary, but during his time in the Air Force, saying it had made it mandatory and he was told, in effect, "Say it or get out."

The Update and the Good News here is that soon thereafter, under threat of a lawsuit from the American Humanist Association, the Air Force re-reversed itself and went back to the old rule of the phrase being optional.

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