Sunday, October 19, 2014

179.5 - Update: Protests continue in Ferguson

Update: Protests continue in Ferguson

We've got two updates on things we're talked about in the past.

First, many of us may have forgotten about Ferguson, Missouri, the place where unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot down by a white cop on August 9. For many of us, the word "Ferguson" may have faded into the mists of the ever-lengthening list of such events.

But some people have not forgotten.

On October 13, hundreds of protesters braved pouring rain and tornado watches to stage a four-hour rally outside Ferguson police headquarters, four hours being the length of time Michael Brown's body was left lying in the street by police after he was killed.

It was the last of four days of protests and nonviolent civil disobedience across the St. Louis region. (Ferguson, recall, is a suburb of St. Louis.)

In addition to the march on Ferguson police headquarters, protesters held protests at Emerson Electric, a major employer; St. Louis City Hall; a Ferguson shopping center; and three Wal-Marts. They also tried to crash a private fundraiser for a St. Louis County executive candidate. More than 50 were arrested in civil disobedience.

Among those who attended were Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy members, some of who approached individual cops at the scene and asked them to "repent" for Brown's killing and other acts of violence.

One of those cops, Ray Nabzdyk, gave this remarkable answer:
My heart feels that this has been going on too long. We all stand in fault because we didn't address this.
If that conviction can spread, it will reduce the chances of something like Brown's killing happening again. Which can't happen soon enough: Since Brown's death, three other black males have been shot and killed by cops in the St. Louis area.


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