Sunday, January 18, 2015

189.4 - Not Good News: SCOTUS accepts challenge to ACA

Not Good News: SCOTUS accepts challenge to ACA

In what is Not Good News, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a different challenge to the ACA that could cost millions of people the federal tax subsidies that help them afford health insurance.

It's based, as I gather, on a bizarre legalism: The bill envisions states setting up state insurance exchanges to provide low-cost or subsidized plans, similar to the Health Connector here in Massachusetts. It also says there will be federal exchanges set up in the states that don't set up their own. Apparently, in one of the various references to this, it doesn't refer to both state and federal exchanges, only state ones, and therefore, these people say, Congress never intended such federal exchanges to be established so they have no authorization under the law and must be shut down.

Oral arguments in that challenge are scheduled for March 4.

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