Saturday, January 24, 2015

190.5 - Footnote: Media says loss on same-sex marriage good news for Republicans

Footnote: Media says loss on same-sex marriage good news for Republicans

The other footnote is also amusing, although in this case it's sort of bitterly amusing.

The amusement came from a New York "Times" article which suggested that a victory at the Supreme Court for marriage equality could be good news - for Republicans.

The reasoning, quoting the paper, is that such a decision
has the benefit of largely neutralizing a debate that a majority of Americans believe Republicans are on the wrong side of - and well ahead of the party’s 2016 presidential primaries.
That's because, our "paper of record" goes on, candidates in those primaries could have "a political escape hatch" in saying of same-sex marriage "It’s been settled. Let’s move on." Which of course they never did about gun control in the 70 years between US v. Miller and District of Columbia v. Heller and still have not done about abortion in the 42 years since Roe v. Wade but apparently they will do and be able to get away with here. So says the New York Times.

I do find it amusing, bitterly amusing but amusing, that no matter what the issue, not just court cases by any political issue, and no matter what the developments on it, victory or loss or stalemate or on-going argument, there will be someone in the mainstream media who will explain to all and sundry how this really is good news for the right wing.

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh....

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