Saturday, February 14, 2015

191.1 - Good News: number of Ebola cases down sharply

Good News: number of Ebola cases down sharply

So alright, Left Side of the Aisle, nicknamed LSOTA around here, is back! So let's start with some Good News.

Remember Ebola? You know, Ebola, the disease that was going to KILL US ALL if we didn't CLOSE THE BORDERS RIGHT NOW and QUARANTINE EVERYONE WHO HAD EVER BEEN TO AFRICA?

The last week of January, there were fewer than 100 new cases reported in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the three most affected countries. That's the lowest figure since June.

The number ticked up a bit the following week, but the numbers still represented a sharp drop from the peak in September when there were more than 700 new cases a week.

More than 9,000 people have died in the outbreak, which is not over. But it has now been contained and controlled enough that the Amazing Mr. O is withdrawing most of the 1300 American troops who had been assigned to West Africa to help battle the outbreak. Only about 100 troops will remain by the end of April to continue providing support for civilian health workers.

Ebola virus
At the same time, the US will continue to provide funding and support for the roughly 10,000 medical professionals and support staff working across the region.

The US military built 10 Ebola treatment units and helped with the construction of four others in the affected area.

And you know, this is something the military is good for: When there is some kind of emergency situation where you want specific actions taken quickly - as in this case, building treatment centers - and the effort has to be organized and efficient, that's something the military is good at.

So this is a good use of and for the military and good on them for the work they did.

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