Saturday, February 14, 2015

191.8 - FCC Net neutrality vote scheduled for February 26

FCC Net neutrality vote scheduled for February 26

I'll be brief on this, but it's important and I want to be sure I get it in. It's about Net neutrality.

People tend to make it seem complicated, but it's not. It simply means that all data traveling across the Internet is treated equally. No traffic can get special treatment over other traffic. It's how the Internet has grown and flourished: this very if your will democratic notion that all information gets treated equally.

The telecomms hate this because they want to be able to charge websites extra fees in return for promises of higher speed as compared to those who can't come up with the bucks, creating a two-tier Internet, with higher speeds and better access for the big corporations who can afford the extra cost, slower speeds for the rest of us, and fatter bank accounts for the likes of Verizon and Comcast.

After a lot of effort and pressure, the FCC has agreed to vote on regulating the Internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, meaning it would be treated as a common carrier, similar to your phone service. And just like no phone call can be given automatic priority over another, there would be no fast and slow lanes for Internet traffic. (Citing the section of the law may seem overly wonkish, but it's necessary because the telecomms will claim that they, too, believe in regulation but they will cite a different section of the law which would not protect genuine Net neutrality. In other words, they are lying but hey, what do you expect.)

The vote is scheduled for February 26. You might want to give you Congressional reps a call to urge them to publicly support a free and open internet by supporting net neutrality.

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