Saturday, February 21, 2015

192.3 - Update on Net neutrality

Update on Net neutrality

Next up, the topic of Net neutrality, which for those of you who missed last week's show I'll explain very briefly it means that all information traversing the Internet is treated equally, with no one's information getting special access or special accelerated transmission speed over anyone else's.

The FCC is scheduled to vote on February 26 on a proposal to regulate the Internet in a way that would preserve the open nature of the Net in which it has grown and flourished.

The update here is that the opponents of net neutrality, consisting mostly of greedy telecommunication giants like Comcast and Verizon and their bought-off stooges in Congress, are intensifying their campaign of lies, misdirection, and subtle intimidation to get the FCC to gut the proposal.

GOPpers are "investigating" the rule-making process, claiming Obama improperly influenced the FCC, apparently by having an opinion on the matter. They are ranting about "big government" and how the FCC is using "legal contortions and lawyer tricks" to "take over the Internet." Meanwhile, industry groups and fronts are putting out ads claiming the proposal will lead to higher taxes and more government surveillance and their lobbyist minions are parading through the offices of FCC staff with the same old cliches about Net neutrality will "stifle innovation," even though innovation doesn't seem to have been stifled in the years that Net neutrality has been the practice.

The vote, again, is on February 26. We'll let you know how things go.

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