Friday, February 27, 2015

193.3 - Update: last week's Clown Award

Update: last week's Clown Award

Last week I gave the Clown Award to a couple of meathead students at mostly-white Flower Mound High School in Flower Mound, Texas who held up signs reading "White Power" during a basketball game against a mostly-African-American team from Plano East.

The Update is that a school investigation has found that the claim that the Plano East team bus had been urinated and defecated on was true, yes, it did happen, and contrary to what some had claimed the signs were no coincidence but were coordinated between the two boys who held them.

Before their repeat game on February 20, the two teams joined in a pre-game show of unity. One thing that was different, however, was that unlike last week's game, a triple-overtime nail-biter won by Flower Mound 73-71, this one was a blowout: Plano East, 71-41. Somebody remembered to play D.

One last thing: The closing graphic for the Clown Award showed our virtual Big Red Noses and clown hats on several of the students in the Flower Mound section of the stands. They were supposed to be only on the two students holding the signs. The fault was mine for not being clear enough with the folks in post-production and I apologize to those other students. Even though it's unlikely they'll ever know I even mentioned the incident, I'm doing it anyway. Because I should.

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