Sunday, February 08, 2015

To tide you over

Left Side of the Aisle has had another enforced hiatus.

As I said last week, between a storm that dropped about two feet of snow on us and the fact that the studio where I record LSOTA was in the middle of moving (in the middle of the cleanup after the storm), it wasn't possible to produce the show.

That has proved true for a second week: Storm-enforced delays in moving to and setting up the new studio made it impractical to do the show this current week. We probably could have done it, but it just would not have been anything up to the standard we have tried to set these past couple of years. So we decided to let it go for one more week. We will be back this week. (In fact, I've already picked my Outrage of the Week.)

So following are a couple of very quick bits to tide you over until our triumphant return the end of this week.

Remember, comments are welcome and you can always check out the videos at:

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