Thursday, March 12, 2015

195.2 - Good News: Amtrak is funded

Good News: Amtrak is funded

So now we have one of those Good News-Bad News deals. We'll do the good news first.

In a rare bipartisan vote, last week the House voted to approve continued funding for Amtrak. The bill authorized $7.2 billion in support for passenger rail service over the next four years, of which some $5.6 billion, about $1.4 billion per year, would go to Amtrak.

The vote was 316 to 101, with all Dimcrats and a majority of GOPpers voting yes. Passage came after a attempt to strip all funding for Amtrak, a measure that would have killed national passenger rail service, was soundly defeated, 147 to 272.

Once again, the attempts to kill Amtrak - which by the way, was never supposed to survive; it was supposed to fail and has been systematically starved of investment from the get go - but the attempts to kill it have failed because even conservative GOPpers from  some of the reddest of states know that Amtrak is their only reasonable means of long-distance transportation and their constituents know it.

Amtrak survives. That's Good News. So let's get on board.

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