Saturday, March 28, 2015

197.3 - Clown Award: George Zimmerman

Clown Award: George Zimmerman

Okay, now let's turn to our other regular feature, the Clown Award, given for an act of meritorious stupidity.

The winner of the Big Red Nose this week? Well, he's baaack. It's George Zimmerman, who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin during a scuffle in 2012 and almost immediately mastered the right-wingers' favorite pose of portraying himself as the real victim.

He hasn't lost his touch. In a video posted on his lawyer's website, he says he feels no guilt whatsoever about what happened, saying "you cannot feel guilty for surviving."

Actually, yes, you can and moral people often do. Take Zimmerman at his word. Accept what he claims, that he had to shoot Trayvon Martin in defense of his own life. People who have had that experience often do feel guilt over having killed another human being and it takes them some time and effort to come to terms with that fact and forgive themselves. Apparently it took George Zimmerman no time or effort at all to shake it off - which tells me more about George Zimmerman's character than I think I ever wanted to know.

George Zimmerman
But where it gets funny is when he asked on the video who treated him badly, who treated him the worst. Well, of course, who else could it be? It was Barack Obama. Or, to quote Zimmerman exactly, "Barack Hussein Obama" and whenever anyone does that I wonder how many other people they refer to including their middle name. But the point is, everything is Obama's fault, isn't it? It has to be! If Obama had only known enough to be as white as all the presidents before him, none of this "race stuff" would be happening.

It gets better. He lashed out at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because it didn't side with him in the Martin case. "They threw me under the bus without knowing anything about my character." They likely knew a lot more about his character than he knew about Trayvon Martin's when he decided to follow him and confront him. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing.

But the kicker is that he actually linked his story to that of Anne Frank. Anne Frank, the teenager who spent two years with a group of people in a hidden room, hiding from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam during World War II, only to be betrayed, caught, and sent to a concentration camp where she died. Yeah, exactly like George Zimmerman.

Well, George Zimmerman may not be any Anne Frank, but he surely is a clown.

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