Monday, June 15, 2015

207.3 - Good News: Thailand school embraces gender diversity

Good News: Thailand school embraces gender diversity

Okay, this is again just a little bit of Good News but I'm embracing because it means the future may not be so bleak as I see it and I suppose were as a species are making some progress in some ways.

On June 7, Bangkok University’s School of Fine and Applied Arts, in Bangkok, Thailand, put up several Facebook posts reminding students of the dos and don'ts of the school's dress code. For both girls and boys, sloppy shirts, untucked tails, undone ties, floppy blouses, and flip-flops are all don'ts.

Yes, yes, I don't see either just what's wrong with flip-fl0ps and untucked shirts but that's not the point here.

The point is the school also offered guidance for what they called "tomboys" and "ladyboys," adding that it's up to the students to decide how they will dress.

So apparently, whichever way you choose, as long as you tuck in your damn shirt, you'll be okay.

Bangkok University thus becomes the first educational institution in Thailand to allow students to dress according to their gender identity.

This follows the announcement in January that a new national constitution will include the term "third gender" to provide legal protection for homosexual, transgender, and transsexual people in the county.

Unhappily, this new constitution is coming as the result of a militry coup last year the arose after months of protests and fighting that killed 30 people -  but don't harsh my buzz. Just let me spend a moment enjoying the sense of social progress hinted at here.

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