Monday, June 15, 2015

207.6 - Obama's Lovely Little War grows a little more

Obama's Lovely Little War grows a little more

Another little bit of our lovely little war, a war good for scaring the natives into submission to the "national security" gods while striving to avoid any real cost or pain that might provoke resistance or resentment or even reflection on the wisdom of the course. There is cost and pain, of course, but it is reserved for unseen, unheard, "others."

Our Noel Peace Prize Prez has announced that another 450 US troops are headed for Iraq, bringing the total to over 3500. These are going to a new training facility in Anbar Province to support the Iraqi government’s feeble and floundering efforts to retake the province from Daesh, otherwise known as ISIS.

Oh but don't worry, just like all those already there, they will just be trainers and advisers. No combat, no siree. Well, some of the 450 will be advisers. Like 50. The other 400 are for logistical support and "force protection." Not combat, oh no no no. Not any fighting or shooting or anything, absolutely not. Just "force protection."

And get comfortable: An Obama administration official says it could take at least three to five years for Iraq to push out ISIS. Which would make it roughly six to eight years after the Amazing Mr. O, according to this own people's claim, "ended the Iraq war."

One last thing for now: Those 3100 troops already in Iraq were supposed to represent a "ceiling," a "cap" on US military involvement. Apparently, the word "cap" means as much to this administration as "transparent" does.

Which means: Watch this space.

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