Friday, June 19, 2015

208.4 - Footnote: North Carolina not the only state doing this

Footnote: North Carolina not the only state doing this

Three Footnotes to that:

1. The issue is much bigger than North Carolina. The Guttmacher Institute says North Carolina is among 23 states, mostly in the South and the Midwest, that have passed laws dealing with the required administration of ultrasounds by abortion providers.

2. Whenever I hear about one of these laws saying doctors have to explain the risks of an abortion procedure, I always wonder how a supporter of such laws would respond to a proposed amendment requiring those doctors to also fully inform their patients about the risks of pregnancy, childbirth (including post partum issues), and parenting - which are actually significantly greater than those of abortion.

3. On a Good News note, a recent Gallup poll shows Americans declaring themselves "pro-choice" (as opposed to the nonsensical term "pro-life," which truly doesn't fit at least the leadership) by a statistically-significant margin for the first time since 2008. All age ranges have shown a significant increase in "pro-choice" sentiment over the past few years. While various people have suggested various reasons, I can't help but think that a major cause is the extreme (and extremist) nature of the anti-choice laws imposed over the past four years or so and people are starting to think "this has gone too far" and are pulling back from the wackos.

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