Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Have a Favor to Ask - totally non-political

Simply put, can anyone tell me what the heck this plant is? It's growing wild as a low bush in front of our little front garden and no one among our neighbors knows what it is any more than we do.

Answer, if you can, either here or at - but if you do the latter, please say something in the subject line like "bush" or "mystery bush" or "mystery plant" or whatever so I don't mistake it for spam. Thanks!

Please excuse the poor quality; these were taken in a rush with a brand-new camera for which I have not even yet read the manual.


John Powers said...

I'm no authority! It looks like Spiraea japonica to me.

Larry E said...

You may not be an authority, but your judgement is a hell of a lot better than mine on such things. Thanks for the suggestion, it looks like a good one!

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