Sunday, July 19, 2015

212.5 - Footnote: Why do we keep arguing about guns on the NRA's terms?

Footnote: Why do we keep arguing about guns on the NRA's terms?

There is, however, a Footnote to that, because something in that article about Whataburger continuing to ban guns raises an important question.

The article quotes Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, as saying this:
"Just like many members of Moms Demand Action, Whataburger’s president and CEO is a gun owner who supports and promotes responsible gun ownership - and he knows that support for the Second Amendment can go hand-in-hand with good business practices."
I am getting thoroughly sick and tired of, thoroughly disgusted with, every expression in favor of even the most absurdly moderate, the most ridiculously feeble, forms of gun control being prefaced with some version of "I'm a gun owner! I support the Second Amendment! I love guns, I really really do!"

It's as if - no, it is - that you have to adopt the gun nuts' terms, adopt the gun nuts' attitudes, that you have to be a "gun lover" before you can speak, that you have to declare yourself almost totally on the side of the gun nuts before you can say "but I do have this one tiny little difference...."

When are we going to learn that you can't fight an opponent by adopting the opponent's terms of how the fight is fought? Why do we keep acting like we have to endorse, embrace, the worldview of the Nutzoid Rabbit-brains of America - the NRA - when recent studies by both the biennial General Social Survey (conducted by the AP-NORC Center at the University of Chicago) and the Gallup poll clearly show that gun ownership is a minority position in this country? Less than half of US households have a gun - and that number is declining. So why do we keep acting like we are the minority, even the small minority, which has to prove it has a "legitimate" position?

We all know why: political cowardice. Which is why - the only reason way - moves to end the carnage never get anywhere.

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