Saturday, July 25, 2015

213.7 - Footnote: Since 9/11, right-wingers have killed far more Americans than American jihadists have

Footnote: Since 9/11, right-wingers have killed far more Americans than American jihadists have

We have a Footnote to the outrage, a footnote that by providing some perspective demonstrates just how outrageous and how ignorant Clark's proposal is.

According to one recent set of statistics, in the years since 9/11, right-wing extremists have killed nearly twice as many people on American soil as domestic jihadists have.

Over that time, 48 people died during "deadly right-wing attacks" while 26 people died during "deadly jihadist attacks," according to a report by the New America Foundation.

And the difference may be considerably more extreme: According to the New York Times, since 9/11 there has been an average of six terrorist plots a year perpetrated by American Muslims, which resulted in 50 deaths. Meanwhile, according to the Combating Terrorism Center, a privately funded think tank housed at West Point, between 2001 and 2012 attacks by right-wing extremists averaged about 30 a year, a total of 337, resulting in the deaths of 254 people, more than five times as many as radical Islamists did.

Different organizations come up with different numbers, largely due to differences in the definition of the terms "right wing," and "jihadist" (or "Islamic radical") and what constitutes a "terrorist" attack. But what they find over and over again is that the right wing is deadlier and a greater threat than homegrown jihadists, and in fact a recent survey of 382 law enforcement agencies found that they were far more concerned with right-wing violence than radical Islamic violence.

Wesley Clark is not only an outrage, he's an ignorant buffoon.

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