Sunday, August 02, 2015

214.2 - Footnote: The struggle for LGBTQ acceptance goes on

Footnote: The struggle for LGBTQ acceptance goes on

There are two Footnotes to that post, the first being that when I said this decision was not the end of the road, I surely meant it.

In response to the BSA decision, Rick "Oops" Perry repeated his previous statement that “openly active gays” would be a “problem” for the BSA because they would “distract from the mission of Scouting” with “sex education," adding that "Scouting would be better off if they didn’t have openly gay Scoutmasters."

That was foul enough, with enough plain old dumb ("Sex education?") mixed in to identify it as typical Rick Perry. But if you want to go to real slime, we have to turn to Wisconsin Gov. Scott WalkAllOverYou.

He said on July 28 that the Boy Scouts of America should have kept its blanket ban on openly gay leaders because that policy "protected children and advanced Scout values." This is truly vile. Because no matter how hard his campaign, hours later, tried to slice and dice it, no matter how they tried to massage it and spin it, the flat, plain, clear, meaning of it remains: He believes that gay men are a threat to children. There is no other rational interpretation of his statement.

The Human Rights Campaign responded to WalkAllOverYou with a statement calling his revealing comment "offensive, outrageous, and absolutely unacceptable." They were way too kind. He is a true bigoted scumbag.

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