Monday, October 26, 2015

224.5 - Ya Gotta Just Laugh: TX to allow guns on campus - while Texas A+M bans nerf guns

Ya Gotta Just Laugh: TX to allow guns on campus - while Texas A+M bans Nerf guns

As a PS to all that about guns, how about a quick example of an occasional feature around here, which we've called a couple of things, for now it's Ya Gotta Just Laugh, based no matter what it's called on the quote attributed to Pierre Beaumarchais of "I hasten to laugh at everything for fear of being obliged to weep."

The state of Texas has passed a campus carry law, which will allow anyone, including students, with a concealed-carry permit to bring their guns onto college campuses and into campus buildings. The law is slated to go into effect next August.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M says this in their regulations for dormitories:
Propelling devices, such as rockets, catapults, slingshots, Nerf-type guns or any homemade device for the purpose of launching an object, are prohibited.
So come next fall, students coming to school can have concealed handguns and that's just fine - but if they dare brandish a Nerf gun, they're in big trouble.

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