Tuesday, November 10, 2015

226.5 - Clown Award: Sen. James Inhofe

Clown Award: Sen. James Inhofe

Okay, let's take a moment out to laugh at some inanity. It's the Clown Award, given as always for meritorious stupidity.

The winner of Big Red Nose this week is a repeat amuser or offender, as you will, which means this week he gets not only the Big Red Nose but the size 20 floppy shoes.

He is the man with the world's most perfect middle name because he clearly has rocks in his head, Sen. James Mountain and yes that is his real middle name, James Mountain Inhofe.

You may know him by his other name, Senator Snowball, which he earned after standing on the Senate floor in February with a snowball and tossing it to the presiding officer while claiming the fact that it snowed in DC in winter was some kind of proof that global warming, that climate change, is, as he has maintained, a hoax.

Well, Senator RocksInHisHead is planning on hitting the road. Unfortunately, he's also planning on coming back. But he is planning on crashing the international climate conference in Paris in December, where some 190 nations are going to try to put some actual meat on the bare bones of past agreements on preventing catastrophic climate change.

Sen. James RocksInHisHead Inhofe
He says he wants to be "the one-man truth squad, and tell the truth, that they’re going to be lied to by the Obama administration." The "lie" being that that the US is going to actually do anything to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and the reason it's a lie is that he and the rest of the troglodytes in Congress will keep anything from being done. And while they can't stop executive orders, those can be overturned by the next president, who of course -Preach it, brother! - will be a GOPper.

This is not the first time he's made this pilgrimage to be a beacon of truth; he showed up uninvited at the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009, where after stalking nearly-empty halls for a time - he got there hours before the days events were to start - his staff rounded up a couple of reporters to hear him declaim that the "hoax" of global climate change was based in the UN and the "Hollywood elite," leading one reporter to ask if he meant Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican who was at the time governor of California, and another reporter, from the German daily Der Spiegel, to say "You're ridiculous."

He then turned around and headed home, without a single meeting with a delegate, even the US one, yet apparently convinced he had succeeded in his mission of bringing to the conference the "truth" of guaranteed US inaction.

It's really doubtful he'll fare any better this time.

Which means, from another point of view, that he will succeed wildly, just as he did last time - succeed wildly that is, at being James RocksInHisHead Inhofe - clown.

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