Saturday, January 16, 2016

233.2 - Good News: some action on gun control

Good News: some action on gun control

The other bit of good news is that Barack Obama has, as he pledged to do, taken executive action on gun control.

Ultimately, it wasn't much and not nearly as much as his supporters made it out to be, consisting mostly of expanding background checks for gun purchases by narrowing some of the existing exemptions and loopholes.

Then again, in fairness there wasn't a lot he could do, since the authority he has lies only in what can be achieved by regulations to "clarify" existing law and he knows damn well that even such "clarifications" will be challenged in court. Then again, it was "clarifying" existing law by which the Shrub gang told themselves that torture was as American as apple pie, so maybe there's some latitude there, after all.

In one sense, it doesn't matter if what he did makes only a little difference. Like the story of the girl with the starfish, even a little difference is still a difference.

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