Sunday, March 13, 2016

240.4 - Somalia is proof our "war on terrorism" is not working

Somalia is proof our "war on terrorism" is not working

Just last week, I said of our bombing and drone wars that as effective counters to terrorism they haven't worked, they're not working, and they won't work.

This week brings the news that al-Shabab, the extremist Muslim militants in Somalia, one of the targets of our lovely little war, has regrouped under a new leader, one Ahmad Umar, and is showing signs of a resurgence, despite the billions of dollars being spent by the US to fight them.

They have become a lethal insurgency sufficiently strong that Daesh* is trying to convince them to switch their allegiance to them instead of al-Qaeda, to which al-Shabab has so far remained loyal despite al-Qaeda's flagging position of leadership among the most radical fundamentalists.

It's not working. We have to find, we have to take, another way.

*Daesh: a name for ISIS which ISIS dislikes, which is why I use it.

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