Saturday, March 26, 2016

242.1 - Good News: Cop-shielding prosecutor in Tamir Rice murder voted out

Good News: Cop-shielding prosecutor in Tamir Rice murder voted out

Okay, let's start, as I always like to when I can, with some Good News.

Actually, even before I do that, let me say that something I won't be discussing is the attack in Brussels. At the time I'm doing this, information is still too fluid to make any intelligent comment or have any response beyond the obvious frustration and pain at the loss of life and the ever-present confusion of how people can be so indifferent to the deaths they cause and wondering what it is they think this will achieve that all the rest of the death has not - and know here that I am not talking about only these terrorists or even only about non-state terrorists in general. More when I can get my head around it better.

I'll also note that one bit of clearly good news I won't be spending time on is Barack Obama going to Cuba. The continuing thaw in relations is obviously a very good thing; I expect it will stand as one of the better parts of the Amazing Mr. O's legacy - but it is being so well covered by others that I don't know what I could add right now that would be informative and constructive.

With that said, onward.

This isn't the best Good News ever, but there is real sense of satisfaction connected to it.

Timothy McGinty - gone
You may not remember the name Timothy McGinty, but you should know how his name came to prominence. He was the - and I use the word very advisedly - "prosecutor" in the case of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old Cleveland boy shot down by police less than two seconds after the screeched up to him in their patrol car. The case McGinty presented to the grand jury was less a prosecution case than a defense attorney's summary, during which he apparently lied to that grand jury, telling them the cops' behavior leading up to the shooting was irrelevant even though the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Ohio, had already found in an earlier case that in the sort of circumstance that occurred in this case - that of cops putting themselves in danger - it is very relevant.

During the supposed investigation, McGinty did not keep the Rice family up to date on what was going on - but did suggest publicly that their suit against the city was inspired more by a desire for money than a desire for justice.

Okay, with that background and reminder of who Timothy McGinty is, what's the Good News? The office of Cuyahoga County prosecutor, which he holds, is an elected one. And on March 15, Timothy McGinty lost in the primary. He lost big: by 18,000 votes and 11 percentage points. The people of Cuyahoga County, particularly the black community, saw what McGinty did, they organized, and they kicked him out.

Anita Alverez - also gone
It's not the best Good News - Tamir Rice is still dead and his killer, cop Timothy Loehmann, still walks free - but as I said, there is a real sense of satisfaction here, maybe even in some very small way, some sense of closure.

Adding to the Good News, this wasn't the only victory that should be credited to Black Lives Matter activists. Cook County (that is, Chicago) State Attorney Anita Alvarez, another prosecutor accused of mishandling cases involving police brutality, covering up for a killer cop, and allowing miscarriages of justice against people of color while pursuing a brand of justice seen as vindictive and defensive, was also kicked out in a primary.

Again, this doesn't undo a scintilla of the damage done or the pain caused, but it does at least say that it has become clear that people have reached their limits and they are prepared to organize and fight rather then continue to put up with it and they are feeling their power. And that is surely Good News because as the old song goes, "every victory brings another - carry it on"

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