Saturday, March 26, 2016

242.6 - More troops in Iraq

More troops in Iraq

Last for this week: Remember what I said some minutes ago about the antiwar left evaporating whenever a Democrat was in the White House?

On March 20, the 13th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon announced that a detachment of Marines - the number was unspecified - were being sent to Iraq, adding to the well above 4,000 US troops that are already there.

This comes one day after the death of a Marine forced the Pentagon to admit the existence of a US firebase in northern Iraq near Mosul with a "couple of hundred" Marines there in preparation for what one unnamed Pentagon official told CNN would eventually be a "limited" ground combat operation in support of the Iraqis.

Laughably, a Pentagon representative claimed the soldiers are not combat forces because "they won't go off and conduct any type of mission on their own." Is "going off on their own" something Marines are thought to routinely do? Without orders?

I expect all these folks in Iraq are wearing sneakers - because that is the only way I can see that they do not constitute the "boots on the ground" that our Nobel Peace Prize Prez insists won't happen, while all the MoveOn types and the rest of the evanescent "antiwar left" respond to the creeping - or not so creeping - escalation with "OMIGOD! Look over there! It's DONALD TRUMP!"

I repeat what I have said on prior occasions: Watch. This. Space.

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