Sunday, April 24, 2016

245.2 - Clown Award: the state government of Utah

Clown Award: the state government of Utah

Now for one of our regular features: the Clown Award for meritorious stupidity.

This week, the Big Red Nose goes to the state government of Utah.

Utah, like every state, has some problems related to the overall concerns about public health. Poverty, pollution, people lacking access to health care, the kinds of things you can find most everywhere and which are certainly not unique to Utah.

But what among its problems did the state government of Utah find important enough, serious enough, damaging enough, to declare in an official proclamation to be a public health crisis?

Pornography. Dirty pictures. Dirty movies. They, the state formally declared, are "evil, degrading, addictive, harmful," with wide-ranging harm to individuals and society. They're like "drugs and alcohol" in their ability to "tempt our youth" into "addiction" to porn - an addiction, incidentally, which researchers say does not exist.

At a formal signing ceremony, Gov. Gary Herbert declared that "We hope that people hear and heed this voice of warning."

The proclamation said there is a need for education, research, prevention, and changes to policy to deal with this scourge - and to show you just how serious they think it is, just how vital it is to act against this "evil," this "scourge," the resolution is non-binding and provides no funds for any of that education, research, or prevention.

It couldn't be plainer than the Big Red Nose on your face: Utah is governed by clowns.

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