Saturday, May 07, 2016

246.2 - Good News: "Bathroom bill" fails in conservative Texas city

Good News: "Bathroom bill" fails in conservative Texas city

There is also some Good News on the gender equality front - or perhaps I should just say the "in touch with reality" front - in this case in the form of a negative.

Rockwall, Texas, is a politically conservative suburb of Dallas. Recently, its mayor, one Jim Pruitt, proposed one of those idiotic so-called "bathroom bills" demanding that transgender people use the restroom in line with what's on their birth certificate rather than their gender identity, how they view themselves and how they live. He gave all the usual fear-mongering lines about "protecting our children" from men having "unfettered access to women's restrooms" and blah blah rant and rave about hypothetical sexual predators exploiting the law even though experts insist the argument is bogus.

Even though a string of witnesses from the public opposed the law and members of the City Council called it unenforceable, Pruitt still made a motion to approve his proposal.

It died for lack of a second.

And in that silence lies the Good News that reality is seeping in even in those places we don't usually expect it.

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