Saturday, May 07, 2016

246.8 - Lovely little war: Navy SEALs involved in direct combat with Daesh

Lovely little war: Navy SEALs involved in direct combat with Daesh

I'm going to cover this just briefly because I want the central fact to stand alone.

On May 3, a US Navy SEAL named Charlie Keating IV was killed by Daesh militants during what was called an "extremely heavy, extremely intense" firefight with US forces and Kurdish peshmerga troops in northern Iraq about 20 miles north of Mosul.

According to military trainer Matthew VanDyke, at least 20 SEALS assisted the peshmerga in the firefight.

That is, US forces were actively engaged in direct combat with Daesh forces. Exactly how are they not the "boots on the ground" which we were told would not happen?

"Well," the answer comes back from our Nobel Peace Prize president, "they're because I say they're not." We just define them in a way that makes them something else.

Let me just ask my supposedly oh-so-progressive Democratic party friends: If this was President Donald Trump doing exactly the same thing with exactly the same arguments, would you sit still for it? So why the silence now?

I keep saying it because I keep having cause to: Watch this space.

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