Saturday, June 18, 2016

250.8 - Update: what to expect from Hillary Clinton

Update: what to expect from Hillary Clinton

We'll wrap up the week with a quick update to my lengthy rant last week about the ending of the presidential primaries and what that will mean in terms of issues that will not be discussed - or to be more precise, issues that Hillary Clinton and Donald TheRump will do their best to avoid discussing - in the fall. It's a bit more about what we can expect from, in particular, Clinton.

1. She is the candidate of Wall Street, which has raised nearly $23 million for her campaign.

2. She is the candidate of the neocons, a number of who have crossed party lines to support her, declaring, in the words of one of them, James Kirchick, that "Clinton is the candidate of the status quo," one who will provide "continuity with the present," she is the candidate of reaction, the president who will resist "systematic change."

3. She is the candidate of the hawks; she is the true hawk in the race for president, far more prepared to be far more aggressive militarily than Obama was and far readier to give the generals whatever they ask for.

This should not be taken as an ad for TheRump; I said months ago and I still say that for all her faults - and they are legion - she is still clearly preferable to anybody the GOPpers had going; hell, even the status quo (with perhaps incremental change) she represents is better than where that crew would take (or at least try to take) us.

But if you are going to support Hillary Clinton, you should do it realizing what you are going to get.

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