Saturday, August 27, 2016

258.7 - Colombia and FARC sign peace deal

Colombia and FARC sign peace deal

One of the terrors of doing a weekly show is that something truly worth noting will appear just barely too late to make it before deadline and by the time another week has passed the news seems too old to dwell on.

It happened twice this week. Earlier in the show I talked about the Turkish incursion into Syria, the news of which I learned as I was preparing the show.

Now, literally as I was wrapping up and preparing my notes to record the show in the morning, comes the news that after four years of negotiations, Colombia and the rebel group called FARC, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, that is, in English, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, have reached a final peace deal to end an internal war that has gone on for more than 50 years, killed more than 220,000 people, and driven 5 million more from their homes.

The deal still has to be approved in a plebiscite scheduled for October 2, so it's not a done deal for certain, but it's hard to imagine why anyone other than a bitter dead-ender would say no.

This was one of the world's longest-running and bloodiest armed conflicts. And now it looks like it's ending. And I was damned if I was going to wait a week to say that and maybe not have the chance.

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