Saturday, September 17, 2016

260.4 - RIP: Vin Scully sets retirement date

RIP: Vin Scully sets retirement date

Just a very quick RIP that isn't actually an RIP because no one died - but is the end of an era.

Vin Scully has announced that the very last baseball game he will announce will the Dodgers playing the Giants in San Francisco on October 2.

It was known he was going to retire this year, but with just a couple of weeks left in the regular season, the Dodgers have a 4-game lead in the NL West so people had been wondering if he might do playoff games since the Dodgers are obviously going to make the playoffs.

Vin Scully
He decided no. October 2 is it.

And so ends - or will end - a 67-year career as a baseball announcer. He's been a sports announcer just about as long as I've been alive.

And I wanted to note the end of that career because, y'see, I remember Vin - who then went by Vince - Scully doing radio play-by-play for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the mid-1950s. I can still hear in my memory his voice calling out names like Snider, Hodges, Furillo, and Campanella. I can hear him calling homes runs with "She's a'way out there - she's gone!" I can recall how how loved cases like two on, two out, and a count of two and two because it gave him an excuse to say "deuces are wild."

Vin Scully was a part of my childhood any my adulthood. So I just wanted to say hey, Vin: Thanks for the memories.

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