Sunday, January 15, 2017

9.2 - Not Good News: civil war continues in South Sudan

Not Good News: civil war continues in South Sudan

If that didn't bum you out, how about this:

Armed rebels in South Sudan claim that a significant number of pro-government troops have defected to the rebels.
It's not the defections that are the Not Good News - it's the reminder that the civil war in South Sudan, the youngest nation in the world, drags on.

I don't know exactly why bring this story up as I have four times before since I know few if any of you are interested in this except perhaps philosophically. It's just that I have followed this story at least to some degree for years, from Sudan's civil war to the settlement - complete with multiple near-breakdowns - that created an independent South Sudan, to a breakdown of its new government into a South Sudanese civil war, to a new settlement, to a new breakdown, to a hope for a new settlement - to more civil war.

The whole thing just breaks my heart. And this news just served as a reminder.

So thanks, reality. And screw you.

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